The benefits and harms of cell phones according to modern scientists

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British and Swedish doctors claim that mobile phones increase the risk of getting brain cancer.

A study was conducted by the Swedish National Institute of Labor, and they came to the conclusion that those who use a mobile phone quite intensively suffer from memory lapses, headaches and a constant feeling of drowsiness.

German scientists have published the results of their experiment, from which it is clear that carrying a mobile phone in your pocket can reduce a man’s ability to reproduce by 30%.

According to WHO, using cell phones for more than an hour a day significantly impairs vision and hearing. The pulsating electromagnetic field is to blame for these ailments.

English scientist Andrew Prentice believes that the mobile saves its owner about 16 km of walking a year. Along with the use of other scientific achievements, this leads to the fact that the number of overweight people is growing. On average, the weight of an adult has increased by 10 kg this century. So, girls, maybe it’s not about unsuccessful diets?

English researchers trumpet that electromagnetic waves emanating from a cell phone destroy the immune system. And accordingly, we begin to catch colds more often, get infected faster and get sick longer.

The same Britons are trying to convince us that mobile phones and constant radiation from them have a harmful effect on the intestines and have the same effect as a laxative.

Samples for bacteria were taken from mobile phones and other objects that people use all the time. The results were simply shocking – more bacteria were found on the mobile phone case than on door handles, keyboards, shoe soles and even toilet seats. The study confirmed the presence of various skin bacteria on all these items, including Staphylococcus aureus.

<<Chicken>> and <<mouse>> results showed the harm of cell phones. When holding chicken eggs in an incubator, 13 embryos died, and when irradiated with a cell phone, 23 non-hatched chickens died. During calls to the rat cage, the immunity of rodents decreased, and exhaustion began.

If you do not part with your cell phone even in your sleep (for example, you are used to using it as an alarm clock and for this you put it next to your pillow), do not be surprised if you stop getting enough sleep.


A mobile phone operating in standby mode can shorten and disrupt the most important phases of a night’s rest.

According to a new study, men who use mobile phones a lot have a decrease in the number of spermatozoa. This has not yet been proven, but scientists from the Finnish city of Turku believe that a cell phone has a positive effect on human brain activity. Under the influence of its electromagnetic field, the reaction is significantly accelerated and the function of short-term memory is improved.

And in the same UK, where interest in the “mobile” problem is highest, some psychologists claim that teenage girls are less likely to start smoking if they have a cell phone. Experts explain this by the fact that a mobile phone is the same attribute of adult life as cigarettes. Its use makes the younger generation feel more grown-up, and the need for smoking completely disappears.

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