Types of cell phones

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Multimedia phone – this category of phones is characterized by advanced multimedia functions: advanced camera, advanced audio and video playback capabilities, etc

. Camera phones are mobile phones with the function of a camera and/or video camera.

Playerphones (musicphones, music phones) are mobile phones with the function of an MP3 player.

Smartphones are mobile phones with a full-fledged operating system open to the development of third-party applications: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, GNU/Linux, Android, etc. Such phones allow you to install new programs that expand their functionality: IM clients, office suites, organizers, audio and video players, call management programs, browsers, etc.

Communicators are pocket personal computers (PDAs) with phone functions. It is often used as a synonym for a smartphone. Like smartphones, they run operating systems open to the development of third-party applications.

Business phones are phones for corporate users. Such phones allow you to view text documents and spreadsheets, work with e-mail, synchronize organizer data with a corporate server, etc. A significant part of business phones are smartphones or communicators, devices with a QWERTY keyboard are often found. Sometimes such phones, having significant functionality, are deprived of a camera (for organizations with increased security requirements).

Image phones are phones whose main feature is appearance. Expensive materials and unusual form factors are often used in image phones. The functionality of such devices is usually low, although, as an exception, there are smartphones and communicators among them. In the manufacture of such phones, precious metals and precious stones are often used to finish the case.

Disposable phones are simple phones, often without a display and without a SIM card, designed for calls until the balance is exhausted or until the battery charge is over.

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