How the Periodic Table of D.I. Mendeleev was compiled

As you can see, there are a huge number of resources devoted to the Periodic System of Chemical Elements. Some of them are simple and simple, they make it possible to make only the most necessary inquiries. Others will read a lecture to you (in a female and male voice – to choose from), and video clips will be shown, and a database will be provided…

After displaying the entire table on the screen and admiring the color variety of cells, […]

“Therapeutic” video games will help in the treatment of mental disorders 3.7

The founders of the new “gaming” company were inspired by research on the positive impact of tools with game elements on people with depression and ADHD.

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics will develop video games that have a positive effect on people with various mental disorders. In addition, the team will help with the search for therapeutic properties in projects released earlier.

DeepWell DTx is a joint project of Devolver Digital founder Mike Wilson and medical equipment specialist Ryan Douglas. They were inspired to […]