Types of cell phones

Multimedia phone – this category of phones is characterized by advanced multimedia functions: advanced camera, advanced audio and video playback capabilities, etc

. Camera phones are mobile phones with the function of a camera and/or video camera.

Playerphones (musicphones, music phones) are mobile phones with the function of an MP3 player.

Smartphones are mobile phones with a full-fledged operating system open to the development of third-party applications: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, GNU/Linux, Android, etc. Such phones allow you to install new […]

Disconnecting people. How far will the blocking of Internet resources go? 6.2

The prospect of a radical tightening of control over the Russian Internet space in the shortest possible time passed from theory to practice in connection with the military operation on the territory of Ukraine. But the measures being taken now to block those resources that the state considers dangerous can only be a harbinger of the coming wave of revaluation of network values. What is behind this process, is it really possible to cut Russia off from the global web […]