What does a computer consist of

Modern computers can solve mathematical problems, store and find information. They control spaceships, complex machines, and even entire factories. Computers help treat people, create movies, write music and much more. A scientist and a doctor, an engineer and a teacher, a writer and a composer, a designer and an agronomist – a computer can help […]

How to improve computer performance

Let’s put forward the following hypothesis: overclocking equipment (in our case, processor, graphics card, RAM) significantly increases the performance of a personal computer. To test this hypothesis, we will conduct the following experiments: first with the central processor, and then with RAM and a video card. Overclocking of the CPU took place by increasing the […]

Types of cell phones

Multimedia phone – this category of phones is characterized by advanced multimedia functions: advanced camera, advanced audio and video playback capabilities, etc . Camera phones are mobile phones with the function of a camera and/or video camera. Playerphones (musicphones, music phones) are mobile phones with the function of an MP3 player. Smartphones are mobile phones […]