Experts have not ruled out the risk of Windows and Microsoft Office shutdowns in Russia 5.3

The announced sanctions may create problems — for example, deprive access to a number of important services and programs — but they cannot turn into a complete technological blockade at the software level for Russia. This opinion was expressed by Russian software developers.

Sanctions measures will have a negative impact not only on ordinary users, but also on business and the IT sphere. However, experts believe that there will be no fatal outcome of events, because there are enough developments in […]

Disconnecting people. How far will the blocking of Internet resources go? 6.2

The prospect of a radical tightening of control over the Russian Internet space in the shortest possible time passed from theory to practice in connection with the military operation on the territory of Ukraine. But the measures being taken now to block those resources that the state considers dangerous can only be a harbinger of the coming wave of revaluation of network values. What is behind this process, is it really possible to cut Russia off from the global web […]