“Therapeutic” video games will help in the treatment of mental disorders 3.7

The founders of the new “gaming” company were inspired by research on the positive impact of tools with game elements on people with depression and ADHD.

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics will develop video games that have a positive effect on people with various mental disorders. In addition, the team will help with the search for therapeutic properties in projects released earlier.

DeepWell DTx is a joint project of Devolver Digital founder Mike Wilson and medical equipment specialist Ryan Douglas. They were inspired to […]

Heat from the Microsoft data center is used to heat houses in Finland 3.8

The new technology will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400 thousand tons per year. Waste heat will be able to heat up to 40 percent of houses in Helsinki.

Microsoft Corporation has announced the construction of a new information processing center in the Finnish capital. Its main feature will be the use of waste heat for heating homes and businesses.

With the development of technologies, the share of waste heat that occurs during the operation of information processing centers is growing. The […]

Apple will reduce the production of iPhone and iPad due to the situation in Ukraine 4.3

The conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia continue to affect a number of industries around the world.

The American company Apple plans to release about 20 percent less iPhone SE in the next quarter than originally planned. As the Japanese magazine Nikkei Asia notes, citing informed sources, such a decision by the tech giant is nothing more than one of the signs that the situation in Ukraine and the upcoming inflation are affecting the demand for electronics.

In addition to the […]